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Assesment study



In contrast to feasibility study this document is less extensive and detailed. We recommend the assessment study to investors prior to elaborating feasibility study in the case that the investor is not quite sure about the intended investment.




Assessment study consists of basic appraisal of location, competition and the project’s potential. Outcome of the assessment is recommendation whether to process the project to the phase of feasibility study and develop the project further as an investment in relation to the conditions on the market. 




Assessment is elaborated also for projects that are already in construction and change of original intent is considered. In this case the assessment based on basic analysis acknowledges whether the change of the original intend is possible and what is the expected financial planning. In the case of new project’s implementation the assessment is extended to feasibility study in the structure that is necessary for successful realization. Assessment is also used when the projects are significantly extended by further functions or services.

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