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Property market value estimation



Property market value estimation or Evaluation Study estimates market value of the future project or existing property. It is intended for property owners, developers and investors. It is also essential document when securing the financing or when the owner considers selling the property.




To estimate the market value of the property we use entirely methods based on property’s actual yield or potential project’s yield. Supplementary comparative method is based on current gainable value on the property market on condition that satisfactory number of comparable and verified transaction and buyers’ demands exist on the market.  Part of estimation is also value estimation for purposes of alternative use of the property.

Particular methods of estimation are tailored before commencing the cooperation. It is not possible to use market value estimation in the cases that the law or other regulations require the estimation elaborated by official authority.




This product is aimed at investment property value estimation for purposes of financial reporting according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In particular it is the following:

  • Regular reevaluation to factual value according to IAS 40 Standard – Investment property
  • Tests for Impairment of Assets according to IAS 36 – Impairment of Assets
  • Purchase price allocation according to IFRS 3  Standard – Business Combination




We offer appraisals of existing feasibility studies, assessment studies, strategies and valuations to the investors and financial providers when they want independent opinion from another party.

In case of your interest to be presented with our elaborated analysis in more details or in your intent’s estimation please feel free to contact us.
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