Consultancy and service

Labartt Properties specializes in the commercial real estate market, especially in the segment of shopping centers and retail space. We execute dozens of commercial space leases annually and thousands of short-term leases. We are partner with a number of commercial property owners, investors and investment funds to ensure optimal returns on their portfolios. We also provide expert advice on commercial space investment, which is based on a solid foundation of years of experience.

Feasibility study of shopping centers, commercial and multifunctional projects

JIt is a document that will provide the investor with an up-to-date overview of the market situation in the given segment of the investment being considered. It evaluates the situation on the real estate market in relation to the considered investment from the point of view of supply, demand and other important factors and recommends the optimal parameters of the planned investment.

When and why to process:

It is best to prepare a feasibility study already during the project preparation period. The study also has an important role to play during architects and designers assignment, securing financing and preparing a business strategy before negotiations with tenants or buyers begin.

Document structure:

The structure of the feasibility study is made to measure to the specific projects according to their level of preparedness and according to basic parameters such as location (capital city/region), type of construction (shopping centres/office buildings/retail parks/semi-functional buildings/renovation/remodelling), time schedule and expected project revenue. The standard structure includes a market analysis in terms of broad economic parameters, the local real estate market, and an analysis of the affected market segments for the investment under consideration. For a foreign investor or foreign financing partner, this section is expanded to include the broader context and comparison with foreign markets.

Processing detail:

Existing comparable and competing projects are evaluated in great detail in the segments under review. Planned investment projects are also taken into account with regard to the timing of the investment. The analysis of the current and future supply in a given location also includes an estimate of demand.
The structure of the study can be further extended to include a marketing strategy, a financial plan and a recommendation of the amount of investment in relation to the future value of the completed investment.
The survey is prepared by approaching potential tenants. We use mainly our own data and information about the local market obtained from domestic and multinational real estate companies, information from developers of similar projects. The study contains a detailed overview of the data obtained from individual entities, an estimate of their demand and individual requirements for the project.


Our studies are useful as a basis for obtaining bank financing, determining the volume and mix of commercial space, setting layouts, standards, price levels and all other key factors. A feasibility study can be a two-stage study so that the resulting recommendations already include the investor's position on appropriate changes to the investment intention.

Competitive advantage:

Since our portfolio includes the leasing of shopping centres, retail parks and mixed-use projects, our detailed knowledge of tenant demand and requirements is our competitive advantage. Our commercial leasing team can also put the recommended suitable tenant structure and commercial terms into practice.

Market value appraisal of the property

An appraisal, or Evaluation Study, determines the market value of a future project or existing property. This service is used by property owners as well as developers and investors. It is an important tool when an owner is considering a potential sale.

Valuation methods:

We exclusively use valuation methods based on actual property revenues or potential project revenues to determine the market value of a project. As a complementary method, the "comparison" method is used, based on the current achievable value in the real estate market, when there are a sufficient number of comparable and verifiable transactions and verified buyer requirements in the market. The valuation includes a valuation of the property for the proposed alternative use cases.

The specific methodology of the award is made to measure to the project prior to the start of the collaboration. A market value appraisal of the property cannot be used where an official appraisal is required by law or regulation under the regulation.

Second opinion:

We offer investors and financing providers an assessment of already prepared feasibility studies, assessments, strategies and valuations for which the investor is interested in an independent opinion of another party. The specific scope of this type of assessment is proposed individually according to the available documents.

Assessment of investment plans and individual consultancy

Have you not found a suitable consultancy service for you among the above? Contact us with your requirements and after a basic introduction to the project we will offer you our services, which we always try to adapt to individual requirements.